Thursday, August 25, 2016

Space Saving Series Part 2: The Bathroom

Continuing with our SPACE SAVING SERIES,

We bring you ... the BATHROOM.

Many bathroom spaces can easily become cramped, but there are plenty of times that they "seem" cramped solely because of the materials used.

See below TIPS we've decided are the best!

1. Wall Mounted Toilets and Faucets :

This saves countertop space and provides for a seamless look!

2. A Toilet/Sink Combo:
This one just cracks us up. I mean, how do you use this sink? Do you stand to the side, or straddle the toilet? Let us know in the comment section what YOU think!

3. The Floating Vanity:
Lifting the vanity off the floor doesn't "save" much real space but visually gives off a more open and airy feel which makes the rooms seem more spacious 

4. Clear Glass Shower Surround:
Similar to the floating vanity, a clear glass surround helps the room not to feel closed in or cut off.

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