Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Client Project: Check out PREP Skincare for Girls at Stonebriar!

TCI was able to complete a FUN, NEW, and Different type of project than our norm.

And we LOVED it!

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Several months ago, we posted THIS sneak peek of what we were calling
 our little secret!

What we couldn't reveal to you at this time was that this was a full pop-up store at Stonebriar Centre Mall in Frisco, TX.

Like we mentioned, this project was not our usual, however, after I met Kelly... the brainchild, energetic entrepreneur behind Prep Cosmetics,  I knew I wanted to be a part of 
helping her realize her dream. She motivates me to be a better business owner 
and her enthusiasm is contagious! 

PREP skincare specializes in a beautiful line just for girls.  
We created this pop-up store just for them. With bright color blocking colors, a black and white overall theme and the perfect location (just outside the food court!), these girls dream of a skincare line is coming to life!

Simplicity and boldness were our main points of reference as we began forming this concept. As people stroll through the mall, we want this store to stand out as new, unique and NEEDED. Start your kids young using sunscreen... every day!

If you are out in Frisco, stop by Stonebriar Centre, say Hi to Kelly and her daughter and try the amazing products out for yourself!!

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