Tuesday, May 3, 2016

The Galley: A New and Exciting Way to Look at Your Kitchen Sink

We have an exciting new product to showcase!!
Read on to find out what this IS?!

I visited this upscale kitchen showroom in Dallas owned by a fellow colleague Kellye Kamp, Butter of Dallas, and was excited to see the high end kitchen products she offered to the luxury market. 

A networking group of industry leaders- LTD, Luxury Team Dallas

Not only are they high performing, but so unique. 

I fell in love with this kitchen sink, The Galley,  and will definitely be sourcing it for the new construction projects we have on the books.

The kitchen is the hub of the home, and now, The Galley Ideal Workstation is the hub of the kitchen. Not just a kitchen sink, it is fast becoming the most important appliance in the kitchen and is literally changing the way people plan for and use their kitchens.

Wouldn’t it be nice if your kitchen sink was more than just a sink? What if it was a super-functional, smart and stylish workstation where you could prepare, serve, entertain, and clean up all in one convenient place? The Galley Ideal Workstation is the answer!

From cutting boards, to strainers, and everything in between, this is SO much more than a sink. It can literally do anything and everything you need to do in a kitchen. And it's available in 6 different sizes!

What do you THINK of this incredible idea?! We are ALL in and ready to specify it.

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