Friday, April 22, 2016

How To - Make a Pretty Patio

Now that the weather is starting to get more mild and beautiful, we all like to relax after a long day ... on the patio ...with a glass of wine!

But what are some easy ways to add some FUN to your space and make it feel more at home?

Try these TIPS!

Maximize Wall Space - add wall planters and succulents for easy care

Add Calming Noises - a water feature is always a nice touch and helps drown out other noises.

Incorporate Drapery: for a pop of color or touch of softness

Hang Decorative Lights: even if they don't put off a whole lot of light, the ambiance is definitely set

Add a fun banner or pendant: a touch of homemade always makes everyone feel better

Steer away from Neutrals and TOWARDS Color!

Now step out and take action!!

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