Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Decorating Mistakes that Make your House Look Messy

Welcome to 2016!! What are you going to do this year to keep your house up to 
PAR and above PAR??

We have a few tips to help you not make common mistakes that lead to clutter and mess...and we are the queens of creative storage solutions! Hide what you can:)

1. Keep Furniture Away from Walls: 
When furniture pieces are pushed against walls it seems to close the space in and 
appear everything is  lined up.

2. Fluff Your Pillows on your Sofa:
While this may sound silly ... your sofa can look like its in shambles if the cushions 
aren't sitting nicely.

3. Keep Cords Hidden:
Under consoles, by nightstands etc ... keep those cords hidden!

4. Less Clutter on Shelves:
Instead of accessories on accessories ... choose your favorite 5 and arrange them specifically for those pieces.

5. Hang Pictures in an Organized Fashion:
If you have a collage wall or several art images hung on the wall, create order to the space.

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