Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Trimming The Tree -- and The Home!

We hope everyone had a GREAT Thanksgiving!!
Speaking of gratitude, we are so happy to be a part of the building boom we are experiencing in Dallas

As you can see, we are visiting job sites frequently... rain or shine. From trim to tile, TCI has it covered....

If you are currently remodeling or building, we find three words that are often overlooked during the design phase...

Trim, Base, and Crown.
Not only are we beginning to "trim the tree" this holiday season ... but also "trimming the homes!"

We are always exploring creative ways to customize our projects and while it may seem like an ordinary thing, the new modern and classic style of these components are ever-changing and quite important.

Around windows, on walls ... trim is everywhere and can dictate the style of the space. We love the simplistic frame as the soft lines case the windows with ease.
Doorways too ... framing out a doorway can accentuate the transition between rooms.

While a simple cove molding is one of our favorite looks, an option of adding sharp lines to the molding can turn the space upside down with style.

A simple shaker style base is a classic, yet modern look with its straight lines giving a clean appearance.

You can also choose to stair step your base moldings with some straight lines for added appeal.

****Disclaimer: On our more modern projects, 
we are eliminating all trim work! 
 Now are you even more confused?:)

We can help. If you are considering a large renovation or custom build, contact TCI today!

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