Tuesday, December 8, 2015

DIY Ornaments for YOUR Christmas Tree

Christmas trees can be like a work of art, or a beautiful tradition, or a story in itself
Why not grace the tree with handmade ornaments that bring special meaning to the tree AND glamour?

We aren't talking the 5 finger reindeer ornament your toddler brought home from Pre-K... we are talking about real, modern, beautiful ornaments that you and your family can make in your home together!

6 DIY Ornaments: 
Be sure to click the link below the image for the directions and blogger who created that ornament!

Silver Paper Starburst:
With a couple of cuts and folds, this stunning starburst can take up plenty of space on your tree!

Paper Reindeer:
Yes while this looks difficult, the blogger has created a printable template for you to use and create one of your own!

 Glass Terrarium Ornament:
Clear glass ornaments can easily be found but filling them with unique and modern plants.

Geo Diamand Ornament:
Something easy yet unique can be an eye catcher for sure!

Gold Dipped Ornaments:
One of our favorites for sure -- A simple solid ornament, dipped in metallic gold paint turns the tree into an instant glam

Wood Log Chalkboard Ornament:
Going for the more natural? This one's for you!

Send us pics if you create one of these beauties for your tree!

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