Thursday, November 19, 2015

Winter Storage Ideas for the Win

Well, here in Texas it is STARTING to feel a little cooler! 
(don't get too excited ... just in the 70's ;)

But either way, never too early to start thinking about the winter and ways to maximize the mess!

We have compiled 5 of our favorite storage solutions for the winter season!

Wood Log Storage:
Using wood logs as decor has actual become quite popular lately, so why not show them off in a stylish rack?

Boot Rack:
Because ... yes, I'm guilty. I have one too many pairs of boots. But come on, who doesn't?! They do tend to get thrown in the bottom of the closet at times, and lose their shape ... but not now thanks to this boot rack with inserts for the boot leg!

Holiday Storage 3-Pack:
Christmas is around the corner, so thinking ahead to when it's time to break everything down, check out this 3 in 1 solution for wreaths, ornaments, and wrapping paper
 Hanging Hat Bin:
Who doesn't love a good hat in the winter? They can be cute, stylish AND warm! This adorable bin hangs on your closet rod with a chalkboard sticker on front to label your goods

And our personal FAV:
The Little Black Dress Scarf Hanger:
Scarves are winter's necklaces and we've all got plenty of them. How amazing is this scarf solution??

Enjoy the options!!

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