Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Craft Room Organization Tips

One of the most fun rooms in a house, is usually a creative room ... 
somewhere you can express yourself, be free and colorful. 

What room is best used for this purpose other than a CRAFT ROOM?!

Such a space can easily get cluttered, overused and "trashy" quickly. Which is why we have researched ways to help keep this room in tip-top shape at all times
Here are 8 ideas from Houzz that we love and can easily implement in our own design studio daily!

1. Stand paper rolls in a basket

2. Sort loose papers in clear front pull out drawers

3. Use fabric bags to keep current projects together

4. Sort fabric by color in wire baskets

5. Organize spools of thread on wall racks by color

6. Use a peg board on the wall to hang materials and tools

7. Sort small objects in canisters with screw top lids

8. Repurpose a tiered cake stand as a portable caddy for often-used materials

Happy Organizing!

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