Saturday, October 24, 2015

Not Your Average Red - Highpoint Market Finds!

We have been ALL OVER Highpoint Market this week! Not only are our feet tired, but our brains too! We came back with a head-full of ideas ready to implement!

One thing that caught our eye specifically was this ....

But not the brick-red and gold old-world look that all our clients are trying to get rid of ...

A BOLD, and Modern RED. 

This pieces of lacquered furniture from John Richards Collection speak more than words could say.

Yes, they are "gold and red" ... but in no way are they what you had in the 90's!!!

And Accessories can bring in the needed punch of RED as well!!

We recently completed a RED accent room in a clients home based around their pool table!

Using this bright red color as an accent coupled with black and white is such a bold combination that screams new and different.

And I spy the custom llama art modeled after their very own llamas!

To give you a better idea of this look, here are a few of our favorite designs from around Houzz accenting this color!

Whether it's art or wall panels ... it's such a vision in RED!

Stay tuned for more unique finds from Highpoint!!

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