Tuesday, September 8, 2015

A New Fad - Refrigerators in Bathrooms!?

At TCI, we are always looking for new and interesting aspects to add to our design ... whether it is a color, pattern, shape or object ... we want to offer our clients the most unique possibilities!

When we stumbled across this Houzz story, we couldn't help but wonder what client might need JUST THIS in their master suite?

A Refrigerator.

It's brilliant ... I mean, who wants to walk through the house in the middle of the night, or after a long relaxing shower to go to the kitchen? Why not keep a small stash in your master suite??

Here are a few reasons WHY:

1. For keeping a bottle of wine chilled to enjoy in the master suite. We all know this would be nice ;)

2. Beauty products such as lotions, eye creams or natural beauty aids are best kept cold.

3. You will want to stay hydrated while soaking in a long hot bath ... water bottles stocked in the fridge is an excellent choice.

4. Many medicines are kept refrigerated ... and this way it doesn't mix with your foods in the kitchen.

5. Why not? They're easy to hide!

So are YOU our client that needs this new discovery??

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