Tuesday, August 11, 2015

The Newest Fad -- A Peacock Chair

Have you heard of the ....


These woven, colored or neutral airy chairs are all the rage 
right now!!

I mean ... note the resemblance!! What great inspiration!

But the question arises .... where and HOW do you put these interesting pieces of furniture to use? In an aesthetically pleasing and "allowed" way?


1. Use a peacock chair to bring texture to a seemingly "plain" room.

2. Use a peacock chair to pull your eye to a specific area of a home... a "focal" point

3. Use a peacock chair to lighten, brighten and enhance an airy room.

4. Use a PAINTED peacock chair to take the spotlight of a "normal" setting.

5. Use a peacock chair to DOUBLE the fun!

How would YOU use a peacock chair??

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