Thursday, August 20, 2015

How to Prioritize Home Projects

Home projects can be daunting ... and can seem endless! 

Now that I have one of mine under my belt by completing my bathroom renovation...
but what is next?!

How do you get a handle on your never ending list and make it actually happen??

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Here are our tips to help you take the first step!!

1. Take Inventory: 
Look around and see what needs to be completed and prioritize the situation.

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2. Take a look at yourself:
Some might forget about this step. Figure out how "motivated" you currently are in order to decide what project you tackle first!

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3. Money Money:
Many projects will cost you money. Take a look at this too in order to know which might be more feasible at the current time.

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4. Figure out how to execute things:
Do you want to start small and work up, go room by room or tackle the project as a whole?

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