Thursday, June 4, 2015

Styling a Nightstand

Accessories ... Styling ... words that can scare most people!

We are working on a softgoods renovation of a Design Delivered bedroom and are putting our tips and trends to work when it comes to styling!
(Sneak peek of the serene master bedroom!!)

One of the most important areas in a bedroom is the nightstand. 
- You want it to be functional for storage and use
- But also aesthetically pleasing and balanced

How do you DO that?! 
Here are 4 tips to help you get started!!

1. Lighting is crucial:
We love doing the unusual and adding a sconce light or something different.

2. Add something pretty or fragrant:
Whether it's a candle or a vase of fresh flowers, this helps to personalize the space.

3. Ground the nightstand with something horizontal:
Stacking books horizontally or adding a tray will give the nightstand it's correct sense of balance

4. Layer something sculptural:
Again, bring out the unusual. After the books and flowers, add a stand alone piece that stands out from the crowd!

Now you know!! Get with TCI to help turn not only your NIGHTSTAND into something incredible!

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