Thursday, May 28, 2015

Bedscape Backgrounds for your Best Slumber

Your bedroom speaks a lot about yourself and how you live. Shouldn't you personalize it with the upmost backdrop that could set the stage for the perfect end of the day?

We found a few of our favorite, most out-of-the-box bed backdrops from a flipbook on Houzz world that were our favorite and wanted to share them with you!

Would you be brave enough to be so bold? We LOVE clients that want to take a chance and give us the rope to let loose! 

"1. Putting math problems behind the bed leaves dreams free to roam in this North London suite. You could draw your own, or go dust free with math-formula wallpaper."

"2. Bleached salvaged wood and concrete create a surprisingly serene backdrop for an industrial-style platform bed in Santa Barabara, California."

"3. A map of the world painted on the wall and a dramatic black task lamp work wonders in this moody Vancouver bedroom."

"4. A cane wood four-poster bed, chevron table lamps and festive wallpaper are highlights of this New York bedroom."

"5. An assortment of tin tiles that were custom painted line the wall of this 
Houston bedroom."

Who wants to step out of the box with TCI?? Contact us to let us get started!

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