Thursday, April 30, 2015

Artwork .... or TV?!?!

This is the question ... many people don't want to have a giant TV over their fireplace at all times, so our client had other plans for this area!!

By using Stealth Acoustics product, this TV is now hidden behind a beautiful art piece! You can create a custom piece, perfect for your design and space, to be the focal point of your mantel or fireplace wall. INSTEAD of a TV

The Art piece is front and center during times the TV is not being watched ... but when you are ready to turn on the game, or your favorite show .... with the click of a button the artwork begins to slide up and reveal a TV behind!

This was a "BEFORE" pic of our client's fireplace wall. WOW.

While the video clip still shows an "in progress" look, it has come a long way since day 1!! We look forward to revealing this whole house and 
the finished product once it is completed!

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