Thursday, December 18, 2014

TCI Reveals: Modern Christmas Accessories and Last Minute Gift Ideas!

 We've all seen our fair share of tacky Christmas decorations... 
however, this might be my favorite:

(I mean... really?!?!)

In order to weed out the Santa-toilets of the world...(lord help us) 
we are sharing our favorite holiday decor picks!!


Our Favorite Christmas Trees:
From metal, to fabric, to glass ... you can create a new spin on the traditional pine tree.

Our Favorite Reindeer:
The metallic accessories are always eye catching but who can 
pass up a natural driftwood piece as well?

 Our Favorite Snowflakes and Bells
Your Christmas decorations wouldn't be complete without a little chime from a bell or sparkle from a snowflake!

Be sure to light your favorite scent before the holiday guests arrive ;)
Have you gotten all your gifts on the list yet?!
 If not, here are a few "unexpected" gift ideas from Jonathan Adler that we LOVE.

Merry - Countdown - To - Christmas!!

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