Tuesday, December 2, 2014

A Day in the Life ... of an Installation

What is an Installation Day:
*Not-Usually Glamorous (don't take pictures of the DESIGNER on installation day!!)
*Need for Snacks
*Multi-tasking (carpenter, maid, designer, .... all in one!)

We get to see THIS:
Become REALITY! 
At this high-rise condo in the Mansion at Turtle Creek, 
we transformed a flat into a warm, inviting home.

The trick about installation day is that our iPhone picture NEVER do justice with the beauty created during this day. SO That is why we have our talented photographer come back after the fact to take the glamorous shots to share.

Until then ... we will give you sneak peeks with the best we could muster .. our high-tech iPhone ;)

Beginning of the DAY:

Like we said -- there's not much "glamour" going on yet ;)

And then all of the sudden THIS happens: 
 What's a designer to do when the windows need washing?! Why not take a pic?

Our long time, trusted art installer, Fred.... We couldn't complete an installation without him! 
.... And of course the pets. All pets seems to love new furniture ;)

See where it all started! 
We are sharing a few of our presentation layouts with sneak peeks of the final product! READ ON!!!!


With a classic color scheme of magentas, grays, taupes and creams with a splash of GOLD, we gave this condo the glamour it deserved.

The gold accessories throughout gave a nice continuity to the space!

Draperies were installed this week and helped to add the "icing to the cake" for this spectacular flat.


Soft blues and jewel tones took over this otherwise 
ordinary master bedroom turning blah into bling!


The stunning magenta pop of velvet in the dining chairs mixed with the bold abstract artwork 
sets the stage for this entire home.

Custom, modern florals brought in the bright and bold colors to the simple, 
yet elegant centerpiece!

Tying in from the living room --- the gorgeous abstract floral 
wallpaper to complete the color concept.


The custom drawn bar paired with stunning hardware and perfectly selected accessories makes this addition to the condo the icing on the cake!

Be on the lookout for the professional pictures in the 
coming months of this gorgeous high-rise install!

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