Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Client Project: A Master Bath and Closet Flip!

From outdated to streamlined and impressive -- 
this Master Bathroom takes on a whole new meaning of clean and contemporary!

 This particular Master Bathroom ... just might be the most CHANGE we've seen yet! 

This project is a great example how we can help you be creative with a footprint
in order to maximize the entire space. Since this home had a huge crawl space, we 
were able to actually flip the bathroom with the closet by gutting both rooms...
and actually starting over! The vanity shown above is actually located 
now where the closet was. Additions such as removing the tub, adding windows
and specifying contemporary products has resulted in a HOME RUN!

Check out the Before and After pics below!!
After many revisions to the structural layout of this bathroom/closet space, 
we landed on what we believed would be the best look and function for this busy family!

Their desire for this space was ultra-contemporary, with pops of BRIGHT colors.
 We accomplished that look by mixing the stark white in the Silestone countertop with the cobalt blue paint and accent tile in the shower!



The outdated vanity......

Became glamorous!

An unusable shower/bath combination .....

Became a fully functioning walk in shower!

Now this family can enjoy their bathroom while using 
the space functionally.

The secondary bath needed an update as well!!
By using the same thought process of ultra-contemporary and bright colors, 
we brought in a PUNCH of orange!


Does YOUR bathroom need a punch of TCI?! 
As always, give us a call to help you transform YOUR space!

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