Thursday, October 9, 2014

Out-of-the-Ordinary ART!

When beginning to think about artwork for a clients home … there are so many variables. 

Art is such a personal thing. 

When we have the chance to step outside the box, we try to REALLY get creative.

This week, we stumbled upon this image:

The "artwork" is suspended from the ceiling! We love art that you wouldn't necessarily see as "art" the first glance you get. You have to take a second look to realize what it really is.

We love to get 3-Dimensional:

There are a variety of art "plates" out there today. We like to take them, and then arrange them in a way that you wouldn't think.

That's our job. Coming up with a new way to look at things.

In this turquoise dining room, we combined a typical canvas art piece with bright colored folded glass plates that flank both sides for a bit of the unexpected.

What do you do with a large empty wall? Many would start with a grouping of canvas pieces, but we took a few colorful glass blown "art pieces" and asymmetrically
 arranged them to take up this blank wall!

You can MIX framed artwork with 3 Dimensional pieces to jazz things up. In this modern living room, we flanked the fireplace with framed abstract art pieces and placed a large 3-D metal art piece on the side wall for a different touch!

Kids rooms are the best for thinking outside the box. In this fun game room, we got "down and dirty" literally and created our own "Paint Bucket" art. 
You might remember our tutorial HERE!!

Think outside the box… be extraordinary!

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