Thursday, September 4, 2014

Wood Balusters - How to Create a Fresh Staircase

A clean take on staircase balusters -- 
with a little wood and a coat of paint
Read ON!!!
In this area of Texas we see a lot of THIS when it comes to staircases and balusters:

But we prefer not to make a staircase busy with lots of curves and wrought iron. 

Why not use a material that is even MORE readily available 
and create something new and unique??

 A new favorite is to create geometric symmetry with wooden balusters. No longer are "wood staircases" a thing of the past, or a "cheap" alternative to iron.

Use the imagination to create squares, patterns and shapes from the wood and make your banister something to be talked about!


Even just the simplest of shapes -- a square baluster, can create such a clean "craftsman" style look that is easily combined with a transitional design.

In some situations you could even carve alternating
 patterns in the wood for a custom touch.

This look has been used many times in the northeast US in design, but we are revamping it and bringing it to Texas for a new and refreshing taste!

Will YOU step outside the box??

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