Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Traci "with an I"

A different type of post today as I take a break from client projects and think 
about the essence of being unique. My parents decided to spell my name differently
 and as I thought it was a pain growing up and correcting the spelling constantly, 
I have learned that I truly love the fact that it is different... so am I.

During a spell of "googling" myself (hey, we have to do it:), I stumbled across the 
blog "Traci with an I" and I laughed as I recounted my task of repeating this at 
every new Starbucks I go in. Who wants to spend the morning staring at a cup 
with your name spelled wrong??? Duh.

And then I was asked this common question during an interview last week-

"What is your philosophy on Design and Life?"

Smirking and pondering this question while I was getting ready and spritzing myself
with my favorite perfume, Coco Mademoiselle, my answer was perfectly clear.

That goes for design... that goes for life.

Dare to be different, Friends. You'll like it-

p.s. Check out the other Traci's blog- great for DIY!

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