Thursday, September 25, 2014

Creative Storage Solutions for Building a Home

When a homeowner comes to us with their first floor plan to start editing and making it the best it can be, one of their first questions is always, 

Everyone has it … STUFF. And we all need a place to put it! 
(And make it look aesthetically pleasing of course)

So we have collaborated again with Kathi Fleck of Lone Star Property Solutions to help YOU with a few creative ways to "hide" your prized possessions (or junk;)

First : A few of TCI's favorite storage solutions from around the web!
- An under the stair liquor cabinet. Talk about handy!

- Don't want a pile of shoes at the bottom of your stairs where everyone leave them? 
Make a stair… a DRAWER!

- Kitchens are always the best place for creative storage. These are two we love. 
A Platter Divider Drawer!

- And if you look to the bottom left: individual shelves for your rolling pins!

- Lastly, TCI just thought this was too amazing not to share. You want storage? 
Well this children's playroom has it ALL!

LoneStar Property Solutions weighs in on ideas they have put to use:
There are many ways to find space where none seems to exist.
 The key is to look and then look again.

Glimpse beyond a door, look above the window, peek below a table and put a cabinet in a place you never thought to put it before. 
Instead of looking around at eye level, look up and down. Think vertical. 

These clients are avid cooks and spend most of their time in the kitchen. We removed the old cooktop and narrow drawers. Oversized deep drawers allow for easy access for most of their pots and pans.

Most of my clients want to use that corner space and complain about crawling into the corners of underused cabinets. Yet the thought of a wobbly Lazy-Susan caused them to hesitate before putting in new kitchen cabinets. These sturdy Susans are the ideal way to store small appliances and make great use of that corner space.

How do you make use of the corner on an oversized bathroom vanity? This corner cabinet balances the room and cabinet, allowing for items to be hidden from view yet accessible to both sides of the vanity.
 It even houses electrical for keeping the hair dryer, rollers, curling iron plus more.

Hopefully you all have a better idea of some fun and creative ways to STORE!

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