Tuesday, August 5, 2014

How to Create the Perfect Centerpiece

Creating the "perfect" centerpiece that is both unique and special, but not kitschy or juvenile … has been the arch-enemy of all designers. 

But it shouldn't be that difficult! 
We like to think that many people "OVER-think" the centerpiece. 

Look to your dining room itself for inspiration. Most of the time, it will be right under your nose and you don't even realize it. 

Here are a few ways we have incorporated 
"less is more" with the concept of the particular space:

1. The "natural" semi rustic feel that the furniture in this space gives off gave us the idea to bring nature indoors and use large leaves inset in natural formed glass jars, echoing the color of the wallpaper, as the trio for the table.

2. Such a sophisticated space, called for a pop of color in a very poised modern floral centerpiece to mirror the floral printed area rug beneath. 

3. Colored glass was the name of the game in these modern dining rooms. A sting-ray blown glass bowl juxtaposed with the glass light fixture, wall art, and glass curio in the following image created the perfect harmony.

4. Geometric shapes brings this breakfast nook together. With the patterns on the window treatments and fabric covered chairs, we chose a simple blue bowl 
with 2 spheres as the perfect combination centerpiece.

5. Also echoing the fabric covered chairs, this modern floral centerpiece mirrors the bold lavender pattern in a unique and well thought out way.

So don't forget to look at your surroundings for the "perfect" idea! 
It might be staring you in the face!

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