Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Client Project - Design Delivered: Online Design

We have another amazing Design Delivered project to share with you!

If you aren't familiar with this package, be sure to read all about it on our website here! It is a great way to be very involved in your project and implement your own DIY touches!

We have done everything from children's rooms (see here) to this full, chic family room, complete with artwork and accessories!

 This client wanted to incorporate a slate blue color with 
yellow or orange for her color scheme.
We were able to use a neutral base of gray to create a good foundation color.

 The furniture pieces are kid friendly-sturdy pieces
 while also being aesthetically pleasing!

 The part  most clients love is the "accessory map" showing 
where and how to place all accessories. 
Our motto -- "Less is More" comes into play here in the accessory game

Our goal is to leave no questions in your head and a 
completely designed room for the end product!!

Feeling in a DIY mood?? Let us know!!

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