Thursday, May 8, 2014

Client Projects: Part 2: It's All in the Details - Accessories


...and a sneak peek to a few of our 
new finished spaces!

Part 2: Last post we talked about certain details within a design that can really accentuate the overall space… anybody remember what they were?!??! POP QUIZ ;)
Hint ** Cabinetry, accent pillows etc

Well guess what? There are other details that can also 
accentuate a space in a BIG way.

When placed correctly and selected wisely, the accessories in a room 
can really define the design.

Here are a few of our recently completed projects in Uptown Dallas
and Highland Park that 
showcase the fine details of accessories!

You have to be careful not to "over-accessorize" or "clutter"
Stacking books, and clustering vases are always good choices.

Color : popping color in the accessories is sometimes the most important 
place to bring in the scheme. Many people want to keep their upholstery neutral 
and have their "pop" throughout the accessories.

One simple sculpture on an end table and make a beautiful chair gorgeous!

The background of accessories is just as important as the accessory itself. 
This bookcase wouldn't pop NEAR as much without the accent blue paint.

Cluster "like" items. Whether it is a ball, a set of vases or a glass knot, 
when you cluster similar items together it helps to provide a method to the madness
and a way of order in the accessories.

Sometimes an accessory can be something different - such as this 
glass vessel sink. Without this statement piece, this otherwise ordinary 
bath wouldn't take on the unique appearance that it has!

When showing off a beautiful accent tile, sometime less is more when it comes to your accessory plan. Select simple, classic pieces, not to deter from the "wow" factor.

And sometimes, a simple, yet gorgeous lamp is all you need to put the icing on the cake!!

Have we convinced you on the importance of DETAILS in your design?? 
Let us help you create them!

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