Thursday, May 1, 2014

Client Project: 4 Ways to Create a Good Design Flow in your Home

We are currently working on a home that has several large spaces…. 
that need to be filled!

Do you ever have this question??
The dilemma:  How to correctly separate these spaces while creating a clearly defined means of egress and way finding throughout the space…without confusing all your guests?

The answer:  We came up with 4 answers!! Read on to find out:

1. Start with your Entryway:
This is the first place your guests will see as they enter your home. Make sure this 
space is well organized and well lit. These are a few light fixtures we suggested 
to our client for his entryway:

2. Correct Placement of Color in your Furniture Pieces:
Bounce color around your sitting areas thoughtfully. Reuse certain "statement" 
patterns on pillows on a few different upholstery pieces to dictate a specific space. 
Utilize your artwork to pop the color around the room as well. 
For example, if your sitting area has shades of blue gray in the fabrics, place a 
piece of art with that same color directly in that sitting area.

3. Area Rugs:
This is a biggie! Area rugs are the best way to define a specific space. Anchor the 
front legs of the furniture pieces on the rug to "explain" what belongs to that area.

4. Focal Points:
Use the "wow" factors of your design to dictate the important spaces in your home. 
For example, our client has a stunning wet bar that he wants to be a congregation 
point for his guests. So we suggested using a 3Form product as an inset wall panel 
above the wet bar to create an unmistaken focal point.

Following these 4 steps are sure to win you "best entertainer" of the year 
award from all your guests!!

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