Monday, April 21, 2014

Tips to Make your Home Unique!!

Do you ever wonder "how did they THINK about that" when you visit a friends new 
home or see an image on Pinterest??

Well, we are here to help! A few tips on how to make your home THAT much better 
with a couple easy "fixes".

1. Hide Outlets under your cabinets instead of on your backsplash

What do you notice about this kitchen we completed?? A beautiful backsplash?? 
YES!!! It is not interrupted by "ugly" outlets. We hid them underneath the cabinets 
as shown in the top image!

2. Buy a toilet seat where everyone has their own tabs
This one cracks us up! Hey-- If you are "germy" then what better way to use the 
toilet than with your own personal toilet seat… ?!?! 

3. Recess your outlets in the walls so your furniture can be 
pushed up against the wall
Do you have a console that is pushed away from the wall about 1" because you need to plug that lamp in? We have a solution for you. Recessed outlets cure all problems ;)

source                                                                         source

4. Use slide out drawers for spices
We are currently incorporating this unique cabinetry solution into a custom kitchen of a client. A fun and organized way to store and see your spices!

5. Add a window seat to the landing of your staircase
There is usually a small space of waste space at the landing of a staircase. Why not make that usable space and install a small seat? A great way to bring in color and fabric.

6. Use kitchen drawers as cutting boards
We love this. Using a top shelf that might be too shallow to be an actual drawer, as a cutting board and installing the trash can below for easy trash access.

Let us help you incorporate new and unique space saving solutions into your home!

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