Friday, December 6, 2013

Arctic Blast = Wintery Decor

Since the weather decided to take a drastic turn this week from the 
80 degree weather we were experiencing, 
we decided that this new wintery mix made us think 
of a specific "color scheme" that we are so fond of ;) 

And we actually just completed an 
installation that showcased it!

Blue-Gray and White. Doesn't that get you in the winter spirit?!

There are several ways to "winterize" your home... 
and we aren't talking about covering your water pipes, or checking your heater!

* Candles. Our personal favorite "Winter" from Bath and Body Works 
will get you in the cold season fast! We love mixing a candle with glass vases and natural items such as birch branches or twigs.

 *Silver dusted pine cones. These are just lightly spray painted with 
silver to give them a classic, freshly snowed appearance.

*Adorable printables. Why not set the mood with phrases that inspire??

*Here are a few settings to inspire ;) Collections of vases, pine cones, jars, and silver are touches that we love to incorporate

Stay warm and safe!!

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