Friday, March 8, 2013

Greek Key Pattern

Right now, we are really loving this simple, graphic, clean pattern.

What's so great about it, you ask?? 

It really can be transformed to mesh in any type of space! Throw it in a more traditional 
home and you get an instant fresh look.

There are so many variations of the greek key pattern out there, 
that your options are really endless.

You can use it as wallpaper: As shown in this Jonathon Alder Collection

Or Bedding:!

A new favorite, is the interpretation of the greek key in drapery and on cornice boards.

Another design fav is this adorable cocktail table. 
Jazz up your furniture!

and even mirrors: love love this!

Courtney recently made a floor pouf out of a grey greek key patterned fabric for her own home!

Will you love the greek key as well???


  1. Love Greek Key - it's hard to find, maybe with designers such as you, using it, it will become easier to find.


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