Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Navy Named Newest Neutral

NAVY is the new NEUTRAL! 

A few weeks ago, Surya ran a Facebook story from Elle Decor saying "forget black and beige!"

After we saw this, we knew we had to feature a few spaces from our designer, Courtney's home 
in McKinney. She has used navy throughout her home and created a cohesive look by 
popping the color in every space of her house!

A.) Bring your navy (or whatever your color of choice is) 
in your space through rugs, art, pillows and accessories.

B.) Transition in between spaces with vases or colored 
accessories to help draw the eye throughout the home.

C.) Using coordinating colors in the same family, 
you can create a unique look for each space in your home.

D.) This color can follow you all around, 
depending on how much you want it to ;)

The bottom floor of this home is all very open so we wanted the color scheme to be 
cohesive wherever you looked.

Take a chance...choose your color....and start designing your home!


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