Monday, January 14, 2013

HOW TO...Keep you Organized

The blog world is buzzing with tons of organization ideas,
yet implementing is another story in my case.

I spent the afternoon helping watching and directing
my friend Patty as she cleaned out her closet and returned
home ready to overhaul my own.

Then I sat down... and now I'm here.

Get organized but keep reading to learn-

HOW TO...Keep Organized
It's a new year, full of new ideas and most of all...resolutions!
How about organization?? Is that one of your resolutions?!

Check out these ideas BHG put out for those like us that love to organize!

1. Separate with Stylish Items
How many stacks of napkins, fabric, or papers do you have that need to be sorted? Go to your nearest office supply store and find a cute clamp for all your organizational needs ;)

2. Visable Storage
If you can see it...FIX IT! Take a trip to some clear crates and get to sorting.
You'll be happy you did... I was:)


3. Stand up Straight
Everything looks more organized when it is neatly stacked. Use two pieces of fabric and some beans insert to make a make-shift book end!


4. Ledge Logic
Why not make use of the side of that wall shelf?? A running calendar awaits you.


5. Handle Space
I don't know about your house, but items like scarfs, ties and belts get quickly tangled and thrown on the floor around here! Find a favorite handle at Home Depot for an easy storage solution!


Happy Early Spring Cleaning!!

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