Thursday, January 31, 2013

HOW TO...Choose Paint for your Living Room

HOW TO...Choose Paint for your Living Room

Paint may be the most difficult thing for the majority of our clients...and for good reason! There are MILLIONS of paint options and color out there! How do you narrow it down?
Where do you even start?!

We have found a few tips recently featured on Pottery Barn to help you in this exciting
patience-trying experience ;)

1. Narrow your Focus:

We like to look at the full picture of your home design when selecting paint...what other colors do you have throughout? Are you trying to bring in color to a neutral house?
Many times we will play off of an accent color already in the house. For example, if the main furniture is all neutral, but the pillows or art have a pop of sea green...may be paint the walls a soft green color. OR if you already have a lot of color, we pick a great neutral.

2. Slow Down:
Decide on a handful of colors and take a trip to the paint store! Buy small samples of each of the paints and paint a poster board with these samples. Place these poster boards in various places throughout your room and look at them in all lights (daytime, dusk, nighttime, etc). This will help you really know what you will be getting. TIP.. from our experience... do not paint samples directly
on wall! It can leave a sheen behind which is noticeable under new paint...

3. Put it in Neutral:
You're always safe with a neutral! But watch out for those neutrals that might turn yellow...not good! You don't want your house to have a yellowish-hue to it. You want classic, sophisticated and of course...neutral.

4. Get to the Finish:
The infamous question...what is the best finish? Well...for walls never go with with a high gloss. The two that most people flip-flop between is eggshell and flat.
We prefer the flat finish here at TCI, this give you no "shine" on your walls, just a nice even coated finish. But a flat finish might be a bit harder to keep clean. With an eggshell finish, you can wipe off grease and grim very easily.... for our clients with little ones.

5. Enjoy your Choice!
Afterwards, sit back and love your decision! 
Maybe even make a mobile out of all your leftover paint swatches ;)

If you get stuck, we do paint consults by the hour and would love to help!!

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