Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Banquette Seating in Kitchen and Dining Spaces

Custom Corner Banquette for our Custom Build!

We are loving the built-in banquette look right now!

"Corner banquettes are great for a casual eating experience, morning coffee or a conversation hub while cooking. Pull up a chair and take a look at these cozy, corner banquettes. You would be surprised how little space is required for such a seating arrangement; the cozier the better." - Houzz

We spent some time out at one of our projects this week drawing out a custom banquette in the kitchen of our client's new home build.

In order to get the angle and curve just right, we literally had to draw out on the floor what we wanted and measure it accordingly. Check out the trim carpenter helping us with the measuring ;)

Getting it perfectly drawn out...
We will keep you updated on the progress of this special touch to their home!

Read on to learn more about banquettes and their 
uses in kitchen and dining spaces today!
1. Think outside the box : banquette seating provides ultra flexible seating to cramped spaces

2. Banquettes help to delegate an eating space: Make it clear and concise where you and
your family may gather and relax

3. Family Gathering: People flock to comfy, and cozy seating

4. Easier Maneuvering: No more getting tripped up on chairs! Built-In banquettes
solve that problem quickly!

5. Include Storage below the Bench: Why not add a little hidden storage beneath your banquette? Doors can hide books or whatever you might need to be hidden ;)

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