Friday, December 14, 2012

Friday Favorites at TCI

We are gearing up for several big installations next week before the Christmas Holiday!
In order to put the finishing touches on our projects, we are making sure all the details come together from the art to the accessories and everything in between.

Here are a few of our favorite accessories from a few retail stores around.
Read on!

1. "Winter" Candle from Bath and Body Works, accompanied by an 
adorable metal candle holder with unique cut out designs.
2. Glass Bell Jar Accessories from Z Gallerie. We love these pieces. And the options for creativity are endless! You can swirl a sprig inside a bell jar, cover florals, or place vases or objects within.
3. This Mother-of-Pearl inlaid Capiz bowl is made from natural teakwood and each bowl is completely different. The organic nature of this bowl is very intriguing. 

4. A little fun! We loved this yellow and grey drape at Z Gallerie and began brainstorming what uses this could have...shower curtain? Art? 

5. And of course this star ornament caught our eye while we were looking around Z Gallerie
Simple and Fun!

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