Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Christmas Gift "Decor" and Wrapping in Style

If you can decorate your house for Christmas, why can't you decorate your presents as well??

It is time for the Christmas shopping, and finishing up starting the wrapping! As much fun as it is to decorate your home, making your gifts look extra special can be just as rewarding! As I sat on my floor, with several rolls of papers spread out across the room, ... I thought it might be a great idea to do a post about gift wrap "decor"!

Check out a few different DIY tips for GREAT Christmas wrappings!

Candy Cane Wrapping - Make your own with solid color wrapping and white ribbon wrapped around the box.

Photo courtesy of Martha Stewart

Dye Cut Decor: Personalize your gift boxes with initials!

Snow Bunnies: Part of the gift can be used as the gift wrap as well, such as an ornament or other small item!

Candy Cane Candy: Who doesn't like a present wrapped in CANDY?

Soft and Sweet: Neutral colors, burlap and linen flowers and ribbons create this snow wrapped present.

"Buttons" : Add bits and pieces of the seasonal flowers and garlands to top off your presents.

Doodle your Gifts: Let the kids draw on thick paper and make a one of a kind wrapping paper!!

Stamp away!! If you love to stamp, get-a-going on your favorite solid paper to make YOUR VERY OWN wrapping paper.

Snowflake cut outs as the paper of choice.
Happy gift wrapping!
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