Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Blue Christmas Styling in my House!

Red and Green.... we love you, but are ready to try something fresh and new

BLUE Christmas Styling and Decorations 
this year are our favorite! ;)

We are finally settled in our new home and what better holiday to fully deck your halls!

Adding touches of gold and white to my already blue home is the perfect addition for the holidays!

It's really a simple conversion of decor! Find ribbons and decor for the Christmas holidays
with blue, bronze, and white accents to pump up your new color scheme!

You'd be surprised at how many Christmas decorations really do come in other colors!
We were at Zgallerie today and saw THIS!

Begin to layer in snowflakes, ribbons and small ornaments to bounce around the colors.

Draping garland from staircases and mantels is a great place to showcase more blue styling
through ribbon colors and ornaments.
(first priority of 2013...stain banister to match floor!)

Remember my white tree idea?? Well it found a new home in my living room this year!

I mixed in blues and golds with ornaments and snowflakes for a nice, full look.

It's all in the details...adding small pops of the blue in accessories is the key!

Merry Christmas mantel!! Through color coordinated florals, I continued to bring the blue
color scheme into my family room!

And...The Tree!
With bronze and gold ribbon, we added blue ornaments to bring my
home all together!

A very Merry Christmas season at our home!!


  1. First time in many years that I'm relying on photos to see your beautiful holiday decor.


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