Monday, November 26, 2012

Finding the Perfect Dinnerware Set.

Plate Sets and serving ware....all adds to the design of your kitchen! 
I recently purchased a new set of dinnerware that fits perfectly in my new kitchen and cabinets ;)

The funny thing about these plates is the fact that 
I spotted them in the kitchen at the Coastal Living 
Showhouse I attended in Rosemary Beach. 
I flipped one over to find the brand only to be 
surprised that these classic beauties were from Target

Yay me... I won't sweat it if one of my blondes 
accidentally throws breaks one.

So to add to the crisp white, here are some of geometric and contemporary patterns 
on dinnerware that are filling the stores this holiday season. 

Our favorites!!

Such an interesting shape and design to this piece:

The simplicity of the square shape is beautiful and classic!
 Martha Stewart knew what she was doing!

Want to go a bit more industrial? Try this Juliska plate to add to your collection!

Add some color to your kitchen!

Or complete your look with this Vera Wang collection of beauty.

It's hard to go wrong with all these great options! Happy Serving!

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