Thursday, November 15, 2012

Collage Wall Styling Tips

A collage, a grouping, a collection.
This is an excellent way to showcase a variation of art pieces or photos that mean 
something special to you. But how can get this look, and make sure it is right?? 

We spent some time today creating a layout for a client with new frames and her family photos!

We have some tips for you to get this "grouping" a "designer" look!

1. Frames
This is the first thing you will notice about the collection. We would say, make sure all the frames match...perfectly. But there could be exceptions if you have a collection of frames that have coordinating finishes. Otherwise...stick to the same frame across the board ;)

2. Layout
You don't want to space the images out too far apart, otherwise the grouping will look like it doesn't belong together. Be sure the frames aren't more than 3-4" apart all the way around. Closer together is even better!

3. Images
This is definitely the key to the perfect collage wall. First decide if you plan to use family photos or a specific variation of art. If you choose family photos, try to coordinate the scenes or colors within the images, example..print them all in black and white. If you choose to use art, find a collection of images that correspond and enjoy ;) See image below for a great example.

4. Mat
In order to create a look that is thought out and well put should mat each of your images. Choose a neutral mat color and then decide on a thickness. Really any thickness will work, depending on your style.

5.  Layout and Practice. 
Choose your layout style. You can be symmetrical by using the same frame sizes, or create a dimensional layout by mixing frame sizes. 
Be sure and stay within a "box" when arranging your frames so you don't have a floating frame outside the arrangement that doesn't make sense.
Draw out your arrangement and lay all your frames on the floor in an open area before hanging them so you can see what they will look like on the wall.

Happy Frame Hanging!!

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