Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Client Project: Contemporary Fireplaces

I can't wait to show you this finished project! 
Do you remember my client, 
New York, New York?

We recently completed the photography session the full house renovation and we
will gradually share with you all the different rooms of the house! 

Starting off, we reveal the living room of this stunning home, 
and it's unique, custom fireplace surround.

A full room view helps to give you a feel for the masculine, clean and transitional style.

This beveled, stairstepping fireplace creates a stunning focal point for the room. 
We flanked the custom wood fireplace with lounge chairs and bunching cubes 
to frame out the style perfectly.

Want to see where this space started??
The Before 

Do you like the look of a contemporary fireplace, but don't know where to start in the design? 
Check out a few pointers below!:

1. Decide on a color scheme.
Do you want to create warm wood tones, or cool, grey stone colors?

2. Create straight, clean lines in your formation.
When deciding on your mantel and style of your fireplace, be sure to stick with lines that form the style "contemporary". Clean lines, straight lines.

3. Choose your material.
What would you like your fireplace to be constructed from? Stone, brick, plaster, wood?
Sometimes it is nice to go with a mixture as we did with the fireplace at the beginning
of this post. We mixed wood with tile.

4. Floor mounted or floating firebox?
For an even more contemporary look, many like to create a "floating" fireplace by mounting their firebox a foot or so above the floor without creating a seat or step below. Another great option is to bring your fireplace and firebox all the way to floor as we did!

Stay tuned for more...


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