Thursday, October 25, 2012

Best Of Highpoint Market - Layering!

As most of you know, we took a trip to Highpoint Market in North Carolina last week and learned, saw and gathered so much knowledge! So much, that we are going to do a blog series on the "Best of Highpoint" so you can all see what we have to offer our clients!

A big game changer for us was the unique and different way things were merchandised in cabinets, on consoles, or within artwork.

LAYERING - In almost every showroom we went in, artwork and mirrors were layered, layered, and layered. These images are from the Drexel Heritage showroom.
 We loved the texture and depth the layers created. Taking a piece of artwork hung on the wall and then layering a propped mirror in front of it gives a whole new look of different.
 Lamps, books and accessories also help with adding dimension and interest in the layerings.
Here are a few magazine examples of how this is done...perfect.

What do you think about layering??

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