Monday, September 10, 2012

The Way to a Designer's Heart

Do you have a friend, mother, wife, sister, or colleague that is an Interior Designer or just loves to Design? These are 10 things that we find very true when coming from the other side's perspective of design ;)
 From Emily A Clark Blog

1. Don’t get attached to anything….furniture, prints, paint color, etc.
Via Houzz
2. Don’t ask why every lamp in the house is on….and don’t start talking about the peaks in the electricity bill when all the lights are on.
Via Pinterest
3. Pillows are not for comfort…….if the pillows on the couch are strategically placed, chopped in the middle and fluffed - Sit on the floor!
4. If she asks do you notice anything different?… First look at her hair, then start looking at the wall for new pictures or paint color…. 
Via Hooked on Houses

5. If she needs help drawing straight lines, don’t just eyeball it and use a pen to mark on the wall… get a long level and use a pencil…..lesson learned.
6. If she is intently staring at a blank wall, don’t make any plans for the weekend.
Via Lonny Magazine
7. Be prepared to go anywhere at anytime to retrieve a great Goodwill or Craigslist find and don’t question how ugly it is. You might also want to take some security with you. 
8. Don’t just invite people into your house without having at a minimum a weeks notice….not even the guys.

9. A garage is not for parking. It’s for goodwill and craigslist finds that need to be sanded and painted.
10. Just go with it…whatever color, whatever frame, whatever idea….because it will again change sometime in the near future.

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