Thursday, August 2, 2012

Useable Spaces out of Unusual Places

For anyone that has ever had that "awkward" area, or "dead-space" corner... THIS post is for you!
We LOVE to create unique, functional spaces out of the "difficult" spaces in your house. 
Let us help you turn your unusual places into useable spaces!

Check out these tricky spaces and solutions!
1. Snug spaces - Banquettes are great for using space wisely, just hope you like everyone you get to sit next to in the cozy area ;)

2. Have an unused closet?  Create a work space that you can close off from view when you need to hide it!

3. Under-stair areas are always difficult. Yet again, by the use of the banquette sofa, you create lots of new seating while not taking any walk space away from your line of travel.

4. A new approach to window seats...beautiful way to bring a cozy seating group inside.

5. Add a "sofa" seating to the bay window through a window seat.

6. Bunk Beds -- the world's best space saver. When done correctly, these systems are gorgeous!

7. Window Bed - Free up the rest of your room by letting your bed be the "window" seat.

8. This was done at the top of a staircase adding a curtain rod and drapery panels, you now have a separate room with a built in sofa and bookshelf.

8. Hideaway Bath - Tight quarters but very unique hide-a-bath ;)

There's always a solution to a tiny space or "little nest"! 

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