Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Industrial Style Defined

Industrial Design didn't use to be a style, but today we find this unique appreciate for objects and character in the multi-million dollar mansions all the way to the small loft apartments.  

"Its lack of symmetry and the visual appeal that lies within utilitarian surfaces, stripped architecture and salvaged objects is what most love about this age. " - Houzz

We are designing an office space and apartment loft today that follows these Industrial style guidelines to the "T". Here are a few "pointers" to help YOU out!

5 Industrial Office Tips:
(let us help you create this look through our Design Delivered Service for you DIY'ers out there!)
1. The mix of wood and metal is a crucial piece of creating the Industrial look.
2. Use oversized lighting to off balance the design. Circa Lighting has an exceptional selection of Industrial Lighting.
3. Use and create simplistic, clean lines. We offer to-the-trade furniture selections such as Drexel Heritage that carry many of these same looks!
4. Select pieces that you can appreciate each individually
5. Minimalistic - declutter as much as possible

5 Industrial Loft Tips:
1. Stone tables and flooring create a clean, sleek appearance. 
2. Look UP - think about unique appliqu├ęs for the ceiling.
3. Design per your style. Industrial design can easily be feminine or masculine depending on whom you are designing for. 
4. Create grouping areas with unique furniture pieces.
5. Don't forget about the lighting. Most always, the lighting will set the tone for the design.

Let us help YOU find your own unique style.

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