Friday, July 13, 2012

Oversized Pendants

What are we loving at the moment?? Pendants!

We spend an entire day at the Dallas World Trade Center with our amazing client Fonda' Ronda on the hunt for some fabulous lighting for her new home!

We found some wonderful options!

While we were there, we also found other great lights to keep in our back pocket ;)
Here are some our favorite images from around the web!
Large, gorgeous pendants to add a huge WOW factor to your room.

From the industrial look...

To the classic mixed with industrial....
To the luxe elegance...
And simple cottage...
These fixtures add something really neat to any room, especially kitchens.
You can transform any look from ultra modern....
To classic contemporary...
To transitional!
What do YOU think? Loving the oversized pendants now?

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