Sunday, June 17, 2012

Let's Get Real in the Laundry Room

This is what happens when you put your kids
in charge of the laundry during the work week...
Really? UGH!

For those of you who have your clothing under control,
you can think past the clutter and enjoy the space
where you spend soooo much time-

Laundry Rooms...
the place you hope no one ever looks in, and you wish you didn't cringe
when you walked in yourself! If only we ALL had the great big spaces like this:

 Beyond the heaps, I do think that a laundry
 room CAN be a pleasant place. Even by just the change of a
wall color, or ORGANIZATION, you can make it a great room of the house!

Add some art...or decor! No one ever said you couldn't
decorate your laundry room!

Bins, bins, and baskets. Get that clutter put away!

Build in your washer and dryer into your cabinetry!

Paint your cabinetry so the white or stainless steel of your washer
and dryer are an accent!

Any type of storage that you can fold away for
small spaces is a plus!

Compartments, compartments!! If you are lacking in the "desk space"
create that above your washer and dryer!! Ah, adorable.


And last but not least...don't be afraid to HIDE!

Good Luck and Happy Washing!!

Until next time,

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  1. Great ideas, Traci! I would love to love my laundry room.....right now....not so much!


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