Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Holiday Company Coming? Spruce Your Guest Bath!

Most of you are winding down the work week, but we are still going!
I'm off to New York, New York's house this morning to work on 
the Remodel that has taken a life of it's own!

We are waiting for the above tile for the guest room bath...
which is going to be clean and classy-
black custom cabinetry and custom tile by
Natural Selections.

I told NY, NY... the house guests may never leave:)

If you are expecting guests over the holidays, keep reading
to get your guest bath whipped into proper shape!

Like me, we will all be doing lots of tidying up, 
rearranging and getting ready for company this holiday season! 

What is the one thing that will get used no matter what when company comes over?? 
The Guest BATHROOM. 
I think, many times the guest bathroom gets overlooked because...
well, you never need to go in there, you use YOUR bathroom. 
So it often gets put to the bottom of the list when it comes to redo's... 
But, really, it should be closer to the top of that list. 

Here are a few ideas for those already redoing 
their guestbaths, 
and a few tips for those who just want to spruce it up!

First off-- never be afraid of the windows! 
Any natural light you have in your guest baths, take advantage of it!
 For you lucky ones who have windows... 
Free standing vanities are great in guest bathrooms because you have the 
flexibility of doing what you want with them.

Typically the Guest Bathrooms are smaller.
 Use big scale patterns on the shower curtain to really accentuate
 a more grand appearance in the small space.

Color! When else can you use bright vibrant colors in your home?
Definitely not a lime green wall in the living room (I hope).
But you can easily play off wonderful colors in a small bathroom, and
offset it with white trims, frames and fittings.

Photo courtesy of BHG

I love the bead board that keep reoccuring in many of the bath photos.
This adds just a touch of texture to the small room,
and gives interest to the bottom half of the room.

Photo courtesy of BHG

As much as possible, stay light and airy so that the space doesn't start to close in on you.
Add baskets, trays and accessory items to make the room feel more lived in and welcoming.

Mirror mirror on the wall....Mirrors will always expand a room.
Reflection is a wonderful thing.
Use a whole wall to become a mirror or frame a mirror with mirror.
You can't go wrong. Don't worry.

Double vanities. If you have the option or flexibility of doing this,
separating vanities to become two stand alone items will provide
each guest his or her own space with the same room for those sharing the bath.

Be a hotel! Make sure you are stocked up on "extras".
Towels, toiletries, etc. Be creative with the display.
Find a great wooden cabinet to paint, or use baskets attached to a wall...

Add hooks and shelves for extra storage and space.

Candles! They smell nice and set a wonderful ambience. They are a must have.

Photo courtesy of BHG

And lastly, fresh flowers. They will always brighten up a room...and someone's day;)

Photo courtesy of BHG

I promise to show you after pictures from New York, New York's
vintage inspired black and white bathroom in January the beginning of
the New Year!

Until next time,

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