Saturday, September 17, 2011

New Project: Space in the City

Would you trade your view from Suburbia for this one?

Before I stepped foot into my client's new high rise apartment...
the answer would have been NO.

On the flip side, there is something very peaceful about surveying an 
entire city in one glance-

Enter long time client, who I will affectionately call...
(for more reasons than one)

-who is moving from this house we finished in Frisco

to this high rise on McKinney Avenue in Dallas...

Not a great pic of her view, but I promise... it is killer

Naturally, we are trading her look of traditional for transitional... a bit sleek.

Not much of her current furnishings will work here,
so we will be having some fun!

Speaking of fun... check out my tape measure-
(we threw it down the trash chute on the way out of the building:)

Designing a space in a high rise apartment always
has it's challenges, but the end result is worth it.

Keep reading for some tips on designing your new space
if you are moving on up!!!

1) Be creative with your walls

*Hang your art over your bed...literally!

2) Paint, paint, paint...

*I'm not typically a fan of painting accent
walls, but in a small space it can have a large impact

3)  Add architecture

*The illuminated artwork within the molding is the focal
point in this room... (aside from the view!)

4) Less is more

*This is the time to edit your belongings. Escape the busy
city by bringing in "less stuff" and neutral furnishings
to create a tranquil setting

5) Use every inch...

*Great example of proper space planning
-seating, storage, task space, display
Love it!

Well, Carrie B., I'm excited to help you jump into this new
venture and when it is complete...

I will gladly pretend to be Samantha to help you
(and Mr. Big if he's invited)
celebrate with the perfect Cosmo!

Until next time,

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  1. Too cool. What a fun project. Looking forward to the pic's.


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