Monday, August 22, 2011

Client Project: A Design Plan in Action


Today is the day- the first day of school. It is quite a difference having an eighth and tenth
grader heading back... not many butterflies since they know everything. period.

Our plan is double drop off and then I hit the ground running.
(*note: Son will be driving in less than 3 weeks- yes!)

First stop is to finalize paint colors at a great project I have been working on-
a new dermatologist office in Plano.

I completed the first office last summer and this one is shaping up
just as beautifully as the first...view here

Here's a peek at our design in progress:
 Take a look at the sequence here. Good design starts with a good plan-
 The inspiration for this project was the cream fabric with the sunburst pattern-
which was a great jumping off point for color

 Furniture is ordered and artwork is next

One of my points in showing you this is that if you are a visual person,
then you might need this planning approach as well.

Seeing the mix all together may put you at ease until the project
is installed and you are pleased:)

So, stay tuned and see what this turns into!

A big thank you to David, the general contractor, for finally
turning on the air conditioner. Walking out drenched and having to reshower
after being at the work site was getting old!:)

Call me to start planning your new space...

Until next time,

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  1. Looks great! Although I think I personally might be asking to be paid in a bit of laser work! Hee hee hee!!!


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