Friday, July 1, 2011

Find 3: Home Theater Rooms: All in One

Another surprise from my trip to Dallas Market last week~

I popped into the Patricia Group to check out some Surya rugs
from the Candice Olson line and ran into this...

Maybe it's me whose been living under the rock, but I haven't seen many
home theater rooms with this set up.  Really, it's just like being at 
Studio Movie Grill in your own home.

The Patricia Group has found a niche in Home Theater Design 
and here are my top 5 faves from their showroom floor:

Love the shelf on the back of the sofa!

Next up... same idea but with an extra row of chairs in back.
(They are actually turn key... from furniture to audio equipment to the risers)

Just for me... a bit more transitional

 Fabric acoustic panels to enhance sound quality

A bit of Hollywood here...

They even sell the popcorn machines and lit movie boxes!

Everything you want to make your Media Room the best on the block...
but you need me to get you in here!

Call me and we'll order you a room- pronto...

Until next time,

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